Best Pubs in England – According to AI


10 Best Pubs in England – According to AI Using the infamous AI tool ChatGPT, we asked the best pubs in England. According to AI, here’s a list of the 10 best pubs in England.  View 50+ Best AI Tools 2023 The Eagle and Child, Oxford Nicknamed the bird and baby, The Eagle and Child […]

OpenAI Have Started a Search Engine Revolution.

Group of robots working on the search engine revolution

OpenAI concluded 2022 with perhaps the most epic release the world has ever seen. ChatGPT has garnered over 100 Million users just two months after it’s launch.  The invention went viral, with Microsoft announcing a third round of investment, this time Multiple Billions. Microsoft owned Bing have incorporated ChatGPT into the search engine, with Baidu, […]

China’s Leading Search Engine, Baidu Launching GPT Competitor

Baidu search engine AI race

The AI Search Race has begun. Throughout history, we’ve seen countless races between the East and West. The space race, arms race, who will be first to walk on the moon race, and so many more. The AI Search Engine Race has begun. Now, as artificial intelligence is reaching impressive levels of maturity and working products […]

Artificial Intelligence Wrote & Directed This Movie About AI Taking Over The World!

AI Wrote and directed this entire movie

Artificial Intelligence language model ChatGPT has been used to create a surprisingly good film. Ironically, about AI taking over the world!  It’s the first of it’s kind, but undoubtedly the last. The technology could revolutionise the way film is created. The film’s creator, Aaron Kemmer put out a series of Tweets detailing how he and […]

The best AI Bots for Music Creation

Best AI Bots for Music Creation

AI-powered bots have revolutionized the music industry, making it easier for songwriters and composers to create unique, high-quality music. With the increasing popularity of AI-powered music creation tools, there are now several options available for those looking to use AI to compose songs. In this article, we will discuss the best AI bots for music […]