OpenAI Have Started a Search Engine Revolution.

Group of robots working on the search engine revolution

OpenAI concluded 2022 with perhaps the most epic release the world has ever seen. ChatGPT has garnered over 100 Million users just two months after it’s launch. 

The invention went viral, with Microsoft announcing a third round of investment, this time Multiple Billions. Microsoft owned Bing have incorporated ChatGPT into the search engine, with Baidu, China’s answer to Google also releasing a competitor

OpenAI have started an AI Search Engine race. Google’s 90%+ market dominance may be at stake here, everything is to play for. 

Google's upcoming announcement

Google were scheduled to announce their upcoming AI advancements and releases this May, however in the wake of OpenAI’s success, they’re stepping up a gear. 

Google are going ‘live’ on YouTube Thursday 8th February 2023 at 2:30 CET. The 40 minute event is expected to reveal how Google plan on competing when it comes to AI Search! 

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