5 Best Free Rizz Apps for Apple & Android

5 Best Free Rizz Apps

Looking for a free alternative to Rizz? Rizz Apps are a genius alternative to traditional online dating. Rizz Apps are revolutionising the online dating world by giving men and women additional leverage when it comes to sending messages on online dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish and more. 

With the latest advancements with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Rizz Apps can now analyse screenshots uploaded by users, read, conceptualise and provide responses in line with your goals! It’s almost like having your very own AI Wingman, available 24/7. Unlike AI Girlfriend experiences, Rizz apps are for talking to real people.

We’ve compiled a list of the best free Rizz Apps you can use today! No money at all. Some offer free trails, others offer a daily amount of free credits to use the app, some are 100% free.

List of The Best Free Rizz App Alternatives

Rizz King with crown - AI Dating Assistant app

Rizz King App

Rizz King is an AI Rizz Suggestion tool, perfecting both opening messages based upon bios, and Rizz infused responses to any message your match sends. Try it today for free.

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Rizzify is a great option for getting started with Rizz Apps. It's a great alternative to Rizz, mainly because it's completely free to try. No free trial period is required, you get free tokens every day.

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RizzGPT Logo


RizzGPT markets itself as the ultimate AI Wingman. There are a few other projects called RizzGPT, including one that allows you to talk to your favourite characters. But follow our links for the AI Rizz Generator version.

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RizzGod is one of the best for generating pick up lines. Currently only available on the IOS app store, they're still a great free Rizz alternative. Give them a try today.


chatgpt logo


GPT-4 Within ChatGPT now has image analyising features! Only the paid version enables this funcionality for now though, so technically it's not a free alternative. Their filters may get in the way when the conversation get's a bit too spicy, but it's a good alternative to try!

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Best Rizz App Free

We’ve tested all of the Rizz Apps out there, and the one we keep going back to is the Rizz King App. Not only does it offer a completely free trail, but the quality of the messages is second to none. 

Rizz King is certainly top of our list, but give the others a try and see what you think. Everyone has different ideals when it comes to flirting, Rizz and ‘banter’. That’s why it’s important to have a good selection of free apps available to try out. 

Best Rizz App For Iphone

Apple’s App store has a good selection of Rizz Apps available. Just search Rizz and you’ll find a whole range of them. We’ve done the hard work, tested them all and provided our top picks in the list above.

Best Rizz App for Android

Google’s Play Store has even more alternatives available that Apple, although we found the quality is often not as good. 

Free Rizz Apps

Most of the Rizz Apps available on marketplaces have a free option. Some offer a free trial, others operate more on a freemium model. It’s rare to find a 100% free to use app which doesn’t have limits. Most of the freemium ones are pretty generous with their free credit allowances. 

Rizz App Alternatives

The market leader in Rizz Apps is, unsurprisingly called Rizz. Rizz is however expensive, and the quality of the messages is not as good as some of their lesser known competitors. That’s why we made this list. To help you find a selection of Rizz alternatives that you can try for free. 

Every Rizz alternative has a different style, just like different people do in real life. Choose the Rizz App which suits your preferred style best and test them all to figure out which gives the best results, depending on your goals. 

Bio Based Pickup Lines

You no longer need to use the same, run of the mill pickup lines your match has probably received 10 times already this year. Rizz Apps can now give you a pickup line based on what’s written in your matches online dating profile bio.

Simply upload a screenshot of your matches bio, the AI will then get to work analysing it, before sending back a suitable opening message that is likely to provide a response. This significantly increases your chances of continuing a conversation, and the ultimate goal of taking your match on a date.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How do Rizz Apps Work?

“Rizz” is a slang term that refers to someone’s skill or proficiency in flirting or attracting others, especially in romantic contexts. In the digital dating world, “rizz apps,” or applications designed to improve one’s dating game, can be seen as the technological equivalent of having a personal AI wingman.

Are Rizz Apps Worth it?

Rizz Apps are designed to help those who struggle with talking to women (and men) online. Those not quite as witty as they’d like to be. Ever been laid in bed and suddenly thought of the perfect response to a message you received 2 weeks ago? Well Rizz Apps are for you, and they could well be worth it. 

The main goal for most people when it comes to online dating is meeting up in person on a date. If a Rizz Apps increases the likelihood of achieving this goal, then they’re are 100% worth it. If you’re already a Rizz Pro, then you might get less value out of them. But either way, everyone could use a helping hand once in a while!

Do Rizz Apps Use AI?

Yes, Rizz Apps use image analysing, AI technology. You can read more about how it works here

What is an AI Wingman?

Just as a wingman might give you personalized advice based on what they know about you and the person you’re interested in, AI-powered Rizz Apps can offer customized coaching. These apps can analyse your profile, messaging style, and preferences to give tailored suggestions on how to improve your online interactions.

By learning from your interactions and the types of profiles you’re attracted to, AI can provide real-time advice on how to initiate conversations, respond to messages, and present yourself online.

In essence, Rizz Apps powered by AI technology act as a digital wingman, guiding users through the intricacies of online dating with personalized advice, confidence boosts, conversation support, safety measures, and honest feedback

How can Rizz Apps Save Time & Effort While Online Dating?

Online dating is a time consuming process. Many will have experienced the feeling of spending days swiping, finally getting a match, then not knowing what to say in your opening message. Even worse, you may send a boring opener. Something like, “Hey, how’s your day going”. BORING! Women especially are so bored of receiving messages like this. So much so, even if the rest of your profile is on point, you have great pics etc, it’s unlikely you’ll get a reply. 

All that time wasted. But now you can a helping hand. An AI wingman who’s knows all the best pickup lines. Welcome to the world os Rizz AI Apps!

How Does AI Analyse Text Within Images?

AI Analysing an imageAI models analyse text within images using a process called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR involves several key steps and technologies, often leveraging advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques. 

Modern OCR systems, particularly those powered by deep learning, often integrate several of these steps into a more streamlined process. Deep learning models can be trained on large datasets to perform text detection and recognition simultaneously, reducing the need for explicit segmentation and significantly improving the accuracy and flexibility of the OCR system in handling text in various fonts, sizes, orientations, and conditions.

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