Best AI Marketing Tools

AI Marketing Tools

AI has revolutionised many industries. Reports speculate how many jobs it’s going to replace in the coming years. Some estimate as many as 8 million jobs will be lost in the UK alone. Most are afraid, some are confident they’re safe, but others are excited. Excited for the new opportunities AI Tools have to offer. 

AI in Marketing

AI offers solutions to every marketing sector known to man. In this article, we’ll dive into how AI can help with marketing every business, of all sizes. Some examples include product design, media production, content, strategy, web development and a whole lot more. The possibilities are truly endless and the rate of innovation is showing no signs of slowing down. 

First, we’ll showcase the Best AI Marketing tools, then below we’ll take a deep dive into the problems they solve.

Best AI Marketing Tools 2024

AI Lead Generation

Getlead ai logo is an AI Powered lead generation app that's free to use. Supercharge your lead gen via social media and try today

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Social Media Automation

Toasty AI Logo

Toasty AI

Toasty AI automatically creates social posts, transcripts, show notes, blog articles, and much more for your podcast episodes

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Just Comment AI Logo

Just Comment

Put your X (formerly Twitter) and Linkedin posts on autopilot with the help of AI.

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Automated scheduling, AI-assisted content creation, and advanced analytics to help you optimize your approach and elevate engagement

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Engage AI Logo

Engage AI

Engage AI allows LinkedIn users to use ChatGPT in making insightful and relevant comments.

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AI Video Marketing

Synthesia AI Logo text to video


Synthesia uses AI to make a digital clone of yourself. Use it for marketing videos, staff training and more. Simply type what you want it to say and save countless hours.

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Typeframes Logo


Typeframes is an innovative text to video generator. Use it for video ads, social media posts, product demo videos and more. Simply enter a text prompt and Typeframes will make your video in seconds.

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Creatus ai text to video logo


Create stunning social media videos from simple text prompts with Creatus. An AI Text to Video marketing tool specificially designed for Social Media Marketing.

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AI Promotional Artwork Generators

Candyicons logo

Candy Icons

Use Candy Icons to make beautiful icons for your mobile and web apps from simple text prompts. Describe your app and let AI do the rest.

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Brandcrowd takes a description of your business and creates a winning logo in a matter of seconds. It creates hundreds based off of 1 simple prompt. You just pick your favourite one. Game changer.

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DaftArt ai logo


DaftArt is an AI Marketing tool specifically designed for bands and musicians. Create artwork for albums, social media and anything else music related.

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AI Content & SEO

Longshot AI Logo

LongShot AI

LongShot AI allows you to go from a simple idea, to a fully SEO optimized article in a matter of minutes. Streamline the written content creation process.

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Article Forge Logo


An AI Powered tool that enables you to create completely unique, perfectly SEO optimised content for your website.

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Copysmith Logo AI copywriting tool


An AI Content creation tool designed specifically for ecommerce and enterprise customers.

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AI Web Development Tools

Mobirise Logo


Mobirise is an AI Website Builder. Simply describe your ideal website in as much detail as possible. The AI will then get to work building the site of your dreams.

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Lander Pro Logo


Lander uses AI to craft beutiful landing pages. Whatever you're trying to sell online, Lander can help build a landing page designed specifically to sell it for you.

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BranchBob Logo


Branchbob allows online merchants to effortlessly build an online store in seconds using AI.

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sitekick logo


A code free way for busy professionals to build seamless landing pages. No need for copy, designing, descriptions etc. Sitekick's AI does it all for you.

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