5 Best AI Detection Tools

5 Best AI Detection Tools

AI generated content is being used in an ever expanding variety of ways. From employees using it to reduce work time, to students at University using it to write course work for them.

AI Detection tools such as GPTZero are helping teachers and employers figure out whether or not a piece of content was generated by Artificial Intelligence.

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AI Detector Pro Logo

AI Detector Pro

AI Detector guarantees they're the most accurate AI Detector Tool available. They scour the latest outputs from ChatGPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, and BARD every day and constantly update their recognition algorithm.

Price: Free to try, $24.99 / month for unlimited – Try it

AI Detector Pro runs a specially trained AI neural network on dedicated custom hardware. The neural network is designed to detect patterns used by GPT based AI text generation models (which make up nearly all of the current online AI content writing or rewriting tools). These patterns are found based on the probability that certain words or phrases are found close to certain other words or phrases.

GPTZero AI Detection


Helping Teachers detect AI generated essay submissions. GPTZero turns the very technologies used to build ChatGPT around — to detect AI

Price: Free Forever – Try it

GPTZero is an AI content detection tool built for teachers and educators. Since ChatGPT went viral ammassing over 1 Million users in just 5 days, students have been using it prolifically to do their work for them.

GPTZero was launched by a 22 year old University student via Twitter, with huge support from teachers around the world. Simply paste in a piece of content, and the GPTZero software will get to work and come back with a probability score for how likely it is to be generated by AI. The best part is it’s 100% free, forever.

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A Plagiarism Checker and AI Detector Built for Serious Content Publishers

Price: $0.01 per 100 words – Try it

Originality.ai is both a plagiarism checker and AI Detection Tool. Built with the goal of empowering content publishers with the ability to check the originality of published content. 

Targeted toward web publishers, content agencies and website buyers, the AI detection software helps ensure content is real and authentically written by a human. It’s a paid for tool, costing $0.01 per 100 words.

OpenAI whisper logo

OpenAI Classifier

OpenAI's Classifier trained to distinguish between AI-written and human-written text.

Price: Free – Try it

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT have laucnhed the OpenAI classifier to detect AI generated content. First they introduced the poison, and now they’re offering the antidote.

In their announcement they do however allude to the fact that ‘reliably detecting AI content is impossible’ so take that as you will. The AI Detection tool is free to use. 

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GLTR AI detection

GLTR AI Detection

A collaboration of MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and HarvardNLP - Catching a Unicorn with GLTR: A tool to detect automatically generated text

Price: Free – Try it

GLTR is an AI content detection tool. The project is a collaboration between Watson AI lab and HarvardNLP and was launched back in 2019. 

This tool works slightly different to the others. It highlights each individual word in any given piece of content with a score of how likely it is to have been generated by AI. 

How reliable are AI Detection Tools?

It’s impossible to guarantee the accuracy of AI detection tools. All AI content generation tools work slightly differently, and of course they use real, human written content to train the software. Use them with caution and always be aware that you’re not getting a definitive answer, simply guidance as to the likelihood. 

Should I use an AI Detector?

Most of the AI detector tools are free to use, so it’s worth trying if you do have a good reason to suspect foul play. It may be a good idea to try a variety of the above tools to get a better indication.

What are the risks of using AI generated content?

Using AI Generated content is risky for a number of reasons. The risks depend on what you’re using it for. 

For students, you could be risking being kicked out and all your work graded as 0. Colleges and University’s take plagiarism very seriously, if they have reason to believe you’ve cheated or are using AI to do work for you, they’ll likely make an example. Especially now there’s a variety of AI detection tools available to help them figure out whether or not your work is genuine. 

For SEO professionals, the states are equally as high.  If Google or any of the other search engines mark content as AI generated, they could blacklist your domain entirely. AI content is seen as spammy and not good for user experience. Google expect genuine, helpful content for their users. It could take up to 12 months to recover after being penalised in this way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s hard to say which AI Detection Tool is the best. They all have their pro’s and cons, depending on what you need them for. We recommend experimenting with a few and figuring out which one is best for your specific need. 

If you know for certain your content is genuine and original, you have no need to worry. If however you suspect it may be AI generated, then using an AI detection tool is highly recommended. The risks could be severe.

Although no AI detector can be 100% guaranteed, they get better each and every day.

There are a number of paid for AI Detection Tools. However, there are plenty of free ones. Many paid for tools use the API’s of free tools so you could be effectively paying for the exact same service you could be getting for free. 

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