GPTZero – Detect AI Generated Content

AI Detection tool GPTZero

Edward Tian, a senior at Princeton University, has created a website called GPTZero. It can detect AI generated content, especially if a piece of writing was created using ChatGPT. 

The AI tool has caused concern for students around the world who were hoping to use the tool for their homework, essays and work.

The news has been met with celebration from teachers around the world, with Tian stating that he has received countless messages from teachers in countries as far as Switzerland and France.

The latest version of ChatGPT, called GPT3, was released in November and has the ability to generate highly coherent text, which seems extraordinarily like human written work in a matter of seconds. 

Detect AI Generated Content – GPTZero

Although he’s an advocate of the technology, he is playing devils advocate and believes a system must be in place to detect AI generated content. “I want people to use ChatGPT,” he said. “And it’s only going to be normalized, but it has to have safeguards.”

His creation has garnered a staggering amount of attention, and sign ups for the GPTZero Beta. However with ChatGPT being the fastest ever product in human history (ironic?) to reach 1,000,000 users, he has some catching up to do. It took ChatGPT just 5 days. 

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