10 Best Pubs in England - According to AI

Using the infamous AI tool ChatGPT, we asked the best pubs in England. According to AI, here’s a list of the 10 best pubs in England. 

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The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Nicknamed the bird and baby, The Eagle and Child is a pub in Oxford, built nearly 400 years ago. Although it shares it's name with 25 other pubs, this one is the best in England, according to AI.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Originally used as a brewhouse for Nottingham Castle, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem was reportedly build as far back as 1189. It's built next to Castle rock which Nottingham Castle itself is built on.

The Churchill Arms, London

Previously names The Church on The Hill, the pub renames to The Churchill Arms after World War 2. The pub is an icon in Notting Hill, London, draped in flowers, it really stands out and is a must visit for pub enthusiasts.

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The Crown Inn, Hebden Bridge

Despite AI thinking this is one of the best pubs in England, the pub is permanently closed. It was undoubtedly a shining light in the Yorkshire pub scene.

The Jolly Botanist, Edinburgh

The Jolly Botanist is a specialist Gin bar in the heart of Edinburgh. It seems AI can't quite distinguish the difference between England and Scotland however.

The Rose and Crown, York

The Rose and Crown is a pub nestled in the Centre of the Historic City, York, With a fabulous beer garden and a history dating back to 1786.

The Star Inn, Harome

The Star Inn, with it's authentic thatched roof, is a true relic from the past. Built in the 14th century, walking into the building feels like you're stepping back in time.

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

The Turf Tavern changed it's name back in the 1800's to distance itself from it's reputation as an illegal gambling house. Situated near the Oxford University it's a hotspot for students.

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Also known as the Sloaney Pony, The White Horse in Parsons Green in London, famous for it's large selection of recommended draft & bottled beer.

The Woolpack, Tenterden

Last on the list is The Woolpack in the quiet town of Tenterden. The Woolpack is a hot spot for City Dwellers looking for a countryside pub experience.

Did AI Get The Best Pubs List Right?

Of course, a few errors stand out with just a quick skim read. One of the pubs is permanently closed, and AI fails to recognise the difference between England & Scotland. Maybe AI thinks that older means better, as most of the pubs in the list are well over 100 years old. 

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