The AI Lawyer Preparing To Defend a Real US Court Case for the First Time Ever Has Terrible Reviews

AI Lawyer DoNotPay Reviews

DoNotPay is an AI Lawyer tool powered by GPT-3, the technology behind the viral AI tool ChatGPT. It’s currently preparing to defend a real US court case for the first time ever. It’s helping a defendant fight a traffic ticket in court next month (February 2023).

The plan is to use DoNotPay, which runs on a smartphone app, outside of the court room. Court proceedings will be communicated into the app, before a response is fed to the defendant via a Bluetooth earpiece. The defendant will simply repeat the words they hear through the earpiece. 

What does the DoNotPay AI Lawyer do?

The AI Lawyer, which has raised $27.7 million from various Vventure Capital firms since it was founded in 2015, claims to have successfully fought over 2,000,000 legal cases.

Some examples include refund claims, appealing parking fines, breaking lease agreements, negotiating car lease contracts, free fast food, accessing lounges and many, many more. Their website boasts 83 use possible use cases so far.

How does DoNotPay AI Lawyer Work?

DoNotPay begins by requesting the user answer a series of questions about their legal issue through a chat interface. The bot then uses this information to generate legal documents and provide instructions on how to file them with the appropriate authorities. In some cases, the bot may also provide information on laws and regulations related to the user’s issue.

The bot uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand the user’s issue and provide relevant information.

DoNotPay was initially created to help contest parking tickets, but it has since expanded to assist with a wide range of legal issues. It is available online and as an app on iOS and Android.

DoNotPay Negative Reviews

Unfortunety for the team behind DoNotPay AI lawyer, the reviews online are less than favourable. The service, which costs $39 every 3 months has been voted 1 star 62% of the time on the UK reviews website TrustPilot, with an average 2.6 stars out of 5. 

DoNotPay AI Lawyer Reviews TrustPilot

"I bought donotpay for 3 months to try and get me money back for a flight. When I first set up the task it said it would take 3 days and after 7 ays there is still no resolution which in turn I'm going to have to call and do it myself. I tried two other random tasks just to see if they did anything and both said successful but didn't end up doing anything or saving me any money. They sound like they can do lots but I have not seen it myself." One review wrote on 12th January 2023.

DoNotPay AI Lawyer Reviews

Despite the negative reviews however, there are a number of positive ones. Although the majority are negative, the service is still astronomically cheaper than hiring a normal, human lawyer. 

At $39 every 3 months (About the same as a UK parking fine), you’d have to get 2 parking fines in that time just to make it a worthwhile investment, and that’s assuming you win every appeal. 

For more complex cases however, that could lead to significant financial gain, or prevent significant losses, DoNotPay may be worth paying for. It could potentially save thousands, however it’s certainly worth remembering that it doesn’t always win. Try with caution and be careful. 

On ProductHunt, DoNotPay AI Lawyer faired slightly better, scoring 3.8 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 38 reviews. 

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