Sweden’s Berzelius Supercomputer is Upgrading to Nvidia’s 20 Billion Parameter AI System

Berzelius supercomputer sweden new nvidia ai

Berzelius is a supercomputer, currently situated at Linköping University in Stockholm, Sweden. Funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in 2021 to further research into Artificial Intelligence.

The supercomputer was launched with 60 of Nvidia’s fastest AI systems, and after the upgrade is complete will have 32 extra systems. 

The latest upgrade is planned to help in understanding various diseases such as cancer and will make it among the world’s fastest AI supercomputers.

Berzelius Supercomputer

Berzelius is an NVIDIA® SuperPOD consisting of 60 NVIDIA® DGX-A100 compute nodes supplied by Atos. Each DGX-A100 node is equipped with 8 NVIDIA® A100 Tensor Core GPUs, 2 AMD Epyc™ 7742 CPUs, 1 TB RAM and 15 TB of local NVMe SSD storage. The A100 GPUs have 40 GB on-board HBM2 VRAM.

Access for projects to Berzelius is granted by NSC via an application process in the project repository SUPR. Berzelius open for project applications from Swedish Academic researchers as described more closely on Resource Allocations on Berzelius.

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