ChatGPT Looking to Monetize

ChatGPT May charge users soon

In a Discord post earlier today, OpenAI researcher, Nick Cammarata requested users fill out a form to get user feedback on monetization plans. 

Although the tool is currently free for public use, it does generate income from third parties using it’s API for their own AI tools. They currently give every user $18 in free credits to play around with and test out the API functionalities. 

Of course, as any start up must, they need to turn profit in order to be sustainable and grow as a company. 

ChatGpt looking to monetize

Will ChatGPT cost money?

The message doesn’t necessarily mean ChatGPT will be subject to a subscription in the future, there are a number of other monetization methods they may opt for instead. 

Current ChatGPT fees

The current system works off of a pay as you go model. Users only pay for the credits they use. In an effort to keep the servers as efficient as possible, the team have 4 different types of tokens, each giving access to a new level of ChatGPT computing power. 

Ada – $0.0004 / 1,000 tokens The fastest option, effectively a dumbed down version of the AI. Although still able to function at a pretty high level comparatively, and still great for simple tasks. 

Babbage – $0.0005 / 1,000 tokens

Curie – $0.002 / 1,000 tokens

Davinci – $0.02 / 1,000 tokens – The most powerful model available, ChatGPT at full strength. 

1,000 tokens equals roughly 750 words for comparison. More info is available on the OpenAI API pricing page.

There a variety of other methods ChatGPT may look at in order to generate more income. 

  • Charge for public use
  • Display ads
  • Increase API usage fees
  • Offer B2B services such as building custom customer service chat bots for companies

Will ChatGPT Stay Free?

A significant factor in it’s meteoric rise to 1,000,000 users in only 5 days, was the fact it was free. It led to the ability for anyone to use it, and share their amazement online. Being free has so far given it a competitive advantage over similar available AI tools. 

In todays innovative world, new ways of making money are always being tried, tested and perfected by professionals around the world. Maybe the ChatGPT team will get an insight into some next generation revenue producing ideas after their user feedback chats. 

Time will tell whether the tool will stay free, or if one day soon we may have to pay to use it!  

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