AI Sex Robots Are Becoming Almost Human Thanks to AI

The emergence and adoption of groundbreaking sexual technologies, known as digisexualities, are on the rise. This includes interactions with sex dolls and robots. Studies indicate that both the general public and clinicians have varying opinions about these digisexualities. However, it’s crucial for clinicians to understand these technologies, along with the potential benefits and challenges they present.

Most Realistic

With an uncanny resemblance to a real human being, AI Sex Robots are now being used in clinical trails for therapy to treat a whole host of psychological disorders.

To maintain ethical standards and relevance, clinicians must be ready to assist clients who are exploring digisexualities, including those involving sex dolls and robots. To bridge these knowledge gaps, we will introduce tools for clinical evaluation of digisexual engagement and a clinical framework called “The Couple and Family Technology Framework”. This will address concerns related to digisexual behaviors, including those that are out of control.

Most Advanced AI

With the recent advancements in artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT, text to speech and speech recognition, sex robots are now more human like than ever before.

One could make the case that devices like the Fleshlight Launch fall under the category of ‘sex robots’. Similarly, it could be argued that any vibrator is, in essence, a sex robot. However, for the majority, the term ‘sex robot’ conjures up a specific image: a humanoid robot designed solely for sexual purposes.

No Wait Times

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Some individuals believe that artificial intelligence is a crucial component to make the experience as lifelike as possible. On the other hand, some homemade attempts, such as those featured in the 2010 documentary ‘My Sex Robot’, merely strive to mimic the basic mechanics of sex, like robotic thrusting. However, these efforts don’t come close to crossing the threshold into the Uncanny Valley.